According to the Environment Protection Agency, U.S. expenditures on agrochemicals at the producer level in 2012 totaled almost $9 billion. Our labs can test for the effects of conventional and biological chemicals and substances. Analytical phases of metabolism studies are performed in our laboratories by expert and experienced staff. Total radioactive residue, extractions, matrix clean up, metabolite ID, isolations, and characterization/radioprofiles of the residues are tailored and performed to satisfy routine and challenging projects with exceptional care and quality.

Soil, Water/Sediment Metabolism Studies
Higher-tiered biodegradation tests designed to simulate the natural environment in which a test substance is applied or enters. These studies differ from most standard biodegradation studies based on their complexity and the necessity to derive a pathway through the identification of metabolites over the course of the study. 

Plant and Livestock Metabolism
Plant metabolism testing services are conducted on crops to determine the nature and amount of pesticide residue in crops used as human food or livestock feed. Livestock metabolism studies, in cow, goat, and poultry, provide an understanding of pesticide breakdown when administered in feed. Our plant and livestock metabolism experts conduct the in-life phase on site in our chemical analysis lab or with trusted partner sites. 
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Metabolism Testing Services

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The Application of 2D HPLC to Address the Need to Investigate the Chiral Profile of Active Ingredients and Their Metabolites in Environmental Fate and Metabolism Studies
Accurate Mass in Agrochemical Analysis
Achievement and Measurement of Soil Anaerobicity During Conduct of Anaerobic Transformation Studies

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