Smithers Tailored Account Services Guide

Smithers Tailored Account Services Guide

Smithers offers Tailored Account Services to organizations with multiple certifications and locations. Our account management approach is one that is built on the foundation of striving to become a true partner to your company - through unparalleled technical expertise, reviews for efficiencies, potential cost savings, and high-touch service.

To help you find out if Smithers Tailored Services is right for your business, we’ve developed a Tailored Account Services Guide that covers in greater detail the four pillars on which we constructed our account services program, as well as the potential benefits of moving all of your organization’s certifications under one certification body - Smithers.

In the guide, we break down:

  • Certification Conslidation
  • Smithers Quality Assessments Client Portal
  • Our technical expertise
  • The importance of Relationship Management
  • The benefits of Tailored Account Services
  • The 4 steps to getting started

Download your copy of the guide to learn how Smithers Tailored Account Services can help your company streamline its certifications across your portfolio:


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