Webinar: Advanced Approaches to Challenging Matrices

Webinar: Advanced Approaches to Challenging Matrices

Residue chemists often quantify compounds from a great variety of challenging matrices. Matrices may contain interfering components that can adversely influence the analysis. The challenge is to develop a method that is sufficiently selective to reduce/eliminate interferences and retain the analyte.

In this webinar, expert chemist Sidney Bluemink discusses techniques and instrumentation used to achieve a selective method for the analysis of challenging matrices. He covers investigations around extraction efficiency of non-labelled methods. Topics include ultra-cold processing, solvent extractions, dilution, traditional and dispersive solid phase extraction (SPE and dSPE), evaporation, deconjugation, matrix-matched calibration and using an isotopically labelled internal standard.

Sidney Bluemink, Study Directory, Smithers, Harrogate, UK
Sidney Bluemink has nearly 20 years of experience with the Smithers team, with proficiency in gas chromatography and method development. In his current role, he directs studies and method development for residue chemistry on soil, agricultural products, and animal tissues and fluids. He earned a BSc (Hons) from the University of Liverpool, UK, in oceanography with a chemistry focus.

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