2023 ACS Fall Meeting - Smithers Presentations

2023 ACS Fall Meeting - Smithers Presentations

Smithers Environmental Fate & Metabolism and Chemistry scientists chaired symposiums and presented at the ACS National Meeting

Smithers Chaired Symposiums:

Uses of HPLC-Mass Spectrometry in Support of Agricultural Research and Development -
Trends and Best Practices
(see session overview)
Chaired by Rory Mumford and Dr. Jim Ferguson

Advanced Materials and Technologies for Detection and Treatment of PFAS and Other Emerging Contaminants
Chaired by Dr. Kalumbu Malekani

Smithers Presentations:

Platform: Utilizing the QuEChERS sample preparation approach for targeted analysis of pesticides in complex ecotoxicology matrices  (read the abstract)
Presented by Andrea McGuinness
ID: 3918391

Poster: Soil column leaching of [14C]-Atrazine in similar soils representing three continents  (read the abstract)
Presented by Dr. Kalumbu Malekani 
ID: 3924419

Poster: In vitro comparative metabolism of chemicals that are nominally a gas  (read the abstract)
Presented by Rory Mumford 
ID: 3926052

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2023 ACS Atrazine Column Leaching in Soil from Three Continents
2023 ACS In Vitro Comparative Metabolism
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