Spotlight on Terrestrial Ecotoxicology with Dr. Michael Patnaude

Spotlight on Terrestrial Ecotoxicology with Dr. Michael Patnaude

In this series, Dr. Kalumbu Malekani, Chief Scientific Officer, Environmental Risk Sciences, explores trends and salient topics in environmental and regulatory science.

In April, Dr. Malekani spoke with Dr. Michael Patnaude, Senior Research Biologist and Study Director, about his recent webinar on approaches to terrestrial non-target arthropod testing for biological pesticides. Hear from Dr. Patnaude about the most important considerations clients should be aware of when conducting an ecotoxicology study and the changes he would like to see in the field of terrestrial ecotoxicology testing.

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In his webinar, Dr. Patnaude provides an overview of the commonly used terrestrial non-target species available for biological products following the 885.4340 guideline. He discusses the unique challenges in testing such as delivery methods, storage, multiple preparations, and duration. Watch the recording. 

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