Smithers Quality Assessments Division Name Use

Use of SQA Name, Likeness and Mark

Unless otherwise consented to by SQA and the individual in writing, as the case may be, or as otherwise permitted under the Agreement, client will not use the name of SQA or the name and likeness of SQA personnel.

Rules for use of the Registration Mark

The Registered Client is authorized to use the SQA Mark.

The use of the Mark is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The SQA Mark must ALWAYS be used in conjunction with the client's name, certificate number, and the applicable Management System Standard(s).
  2. The SQA Mark can be used on written material such as correspondence, advertisements, and promotional documents only in reference to the applicable Management System. It must NOT be used in any way to infer that the product or service carries the registration. The SQA Mark may NOT be used on laboratory tests, calibration reports, inspection reports, or certificates (such as CoC or CoA). The registered client shall inform SQA of each separate use of the SQA Mark and provide documented illustrations of each such use.
  3. The client must discontinue the use of the SQA Mark if, in the opinion of SQA, any registration documentation, use of the SQA Mark or reports (or any thereof) is misleading or improper.
  4. When the Registration is terminated, for whatever the reason, the client shall immediately discontinue use of the SQA Mark.
  5. If surveillance audits discover items of nonconformity in the Management System that are not corrected as agreed to by the registered client, registration of the client's system and the client's use of the SQA Mark be temporarily suspended until such time that the identified nonconformities are corrected or permanently revoked.
  6. The client must develop and maintain a written procedure which describes the internal and external controls and conditions for use of the SQA Mark, including a procedure to discontinue use if so directed by SQA. The client must provide a copy to SQA.
  7. Should the client want to use the SQA Mark in any fashion not consistent with items 1 to 6, they must request and receive permission, in writing, from the SQA Director of Operations.
  8. Except as part of the entire SQA "Certificate of Approval," the Mark of the SQA accreditation body (ANAB) may not be used unless written permission is obtained directly from SQA. SQA is not permitted to grant permission for use of the IATF Mark except as part of the entire Certificate of Approval. Should SQA grant permission to use the ANAB mark, such uses must always be in conjunction with the SQA mark.

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