Ashlee Kirkwood

Ashlee Kirkwood began working at Smithers in 2007 as an Assistant Biologist and is now a Senior Research Biologist responsible for managing the Aquatic and Terrestrial Plant Tox group. She relies on broad testing experience to assess toxicity, quality control, efficacy, algae, and non-standard plants and to design mesocosm/microcosm studies.

Her educational training includes a BS in Earth Sciences from Bridgewater State University (MA, USA) and a Masters of Environmental Science and Management (MESM) from the University of Rhode Island.
Ashlee is an active member of the Northeast Plant Management Society and serves as the vice president of the Fairhaven-Acushnet Land Preservation Trust. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to National and State parks to camp, hike, and practicing nature photography on land and kayaking and snorkeling on and in the water.

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