Jenny Cooper

Commercial Client Lead - Materials Testing in United Kingdom

Jenny Cooper is the Commercial Manager for the provision of technical services to support the Industrial Sector at Smithers.

Expertise: Rubber and Polymer material challenges for clients in the Industrial sector including life prediction and durability

Jenny has specific responsibility for clients such as oil and gas companies, raw material suppliers, compounders and distributors, utility companies, electrical and electronic device manufacturers and companies in the construction industry. She has published a number of technical articles and presented conference papers on challenges faced by companies in the sector including durability and life prediction.

Prior to working at Smithers, Jenny worked for GKN, initially working on continuous fibre-reinforced resin systems for suspension and propshaft applications. She was then the Polymer Test Laboratory Manager and later the Global Technology Manager for the development of rubber and TPE boots used on automotive constant velocity joints.


Jenny has a materials engineering degree from Loughborough University.

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