Our expertise encompasses all forms of security print and paper technology, including, anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, banknote printing, and personal identification. We provide high security printers, cheque printers, central banks, security technology developers, packaging converters, telecoms providers, Governments and enforcement agencies with impartial and strictly confidential advice.

Our services include:
  • ePassports and MRTDs
  • ID cards and driving licences
  • Security document testing
  • UV fluorescence; holograms / OVD comparisons, MICR and OCR lines
  • CBS1 and CBS2 paper testing
  • Smithers / C&CCC printer qualification service for cheques
  • PIN mailer accreditation testing
  • Banknote material testing and security feature validation
  • Counterfeit document investigations
We are UKAS accredited, laboratory number 0112. 

Our testing services are complemented by our security technology market reports which cover all aspects of the security printing and brand protection industries. 

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Secure Document and Banknote Physical Testing

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