We can perform the proper testing to ensure your electrical components hold up against harsh conditions such as heat, rain, snow, and vibration.  These conditions can accelerate the natural aging of the wires that can cause connections to become loose, broken, damaged, or corroded.

Our testing laboratories in the United States, Europe, and China offer a wide range of materials and product testing capabilities for wiring harnesses and electrical connectors. From vibration to ozone exposure, or humidity to shock, our global laboratories will execute testing programs to validate your products function as designed and meet common industry, government, or OEM specifications.

Final Products and Assemblies

Our experts can conduct a wide variety of final product or assembly testing to ensure your products are robust enough to withstand harsh road conditions and environments. Key testing capabilities include:

Materials Testing for Wiring Harness & Electrical Connector Applications

We commonly work with materials that see frequent external exposure on the outer covering of electrical connectors such as various elastomers and plastics, which can suffer untimely failures when exposed to environmental factors.

Key capabilities include:

Common Standards

Xenon Arc Weathering
  • ASTM G155
Ozone Testing
  • ASTM D1149
  • ASTM D1171
  • ASTM D1157
  • SAE J1128
  • ISO 6722
Thermal Shock Testing
  • MIL-STD-202
  • EIAJ- ED-24-31B
  • And other OEM standards
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Wiring Harness & Electrical Connector Testing

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