Webinar: Legislative requirements for food contact papers in Europe

Webinar: Legislative requirements for food contact papers in Europe

Webinar first ran: September 2014.

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There may be no specific EU Legislation for paper in contact with foodstuffs, but paper is covered by the general compliance requirements of the Framework Regulation 1935 (2004). This requires that Food Contact papers should not "under their normal or foreseeable conditions of use, transfer constituents to foodstuffs in quantities which could endanger human health". 

Common approaches to demonstrate that this requirement has been met include ensuring the material either:

  • Meets the requirements of national legislation in an EU member state (e.g. the German BfR recommendations or the Dutch Warenwet) or
  • Meets the standards set out in the draft Council of Europe resolution on Food Contact papers. 

In this webinar, Dr Alistair Irvine will walk you through these and other approaches taken to meet the necessary requirements. 

The discussion focuses on:

  • Food Contact Papers - legislative background in Europe
  • Framework Regulation 1935 (2004)
  • Approaches to achieving compliance
  • The testing regime for Food Contact papers
  • Recycled fibres: how to approach contaminants (including Mineral Oils)
  • Q&A.
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