The importance of good packaging for ecommerce businesses

The importance of good packaging for ecommerce businesses

Successful product delivery is one of the key logistical challenges which online retailers face. 

The distribution chain for ecommerce businesses differs to the traditional retail model; there are more 'touch points' with the product, and more unknowns for the business. The product and packaging must be able to withstand the demands of the journey; whether thats repeated delivery attempts, climatic conditions or an over-enthusiastic handler.

Broken or damaged products can have a negative impact for online retailers, and can have potentially long-term consequences for customer satisfaction, brand reputation and repeat custom. This is why it is critical for online businesses to carefully consider the risks involved in their distribution chain, and test their products and packaging accordingly. 

Smithers conducted a survey in October 2016 to assess the importance of good packaging on the consumer, compiling the results into a handy infographic for online retailers which you can download below.

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Download the infographic below:


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