Smithers unveils new client-guided distribution testing offering: Exploration Day

Smithers unveils new client-guided distribution testing offering: Exploration Day
Thanks to feedback from customers, Smithers is offering a new way to conduct package and distribution testing at its lab in Lansing, Michigan.
“We realized our clients were looking for something more flexible,” said Mike Kuebler, Technical Director, Distribution Testing, Smithers. “When they’re developing something new, they need some wiggle room to test out a few options rather than stick to a rigid specification. So we made that happen with our new Exploration Day offering.”
Customers now have the option to hire the lab for a day’s worth of experimental testing. The package includes eight hours of laboratory time, access to specified testing equipment, on-call support from two laboratory technicians, and a few hours of consulting time with an expert from senior leadership.
“When you’re working on something new, you need the space and flexibility to test and experiment,” said Kuebler. “Our here is to create an environment where our customers’ new ideas aren’t limited by finite protocols. We want to give them the freedom to move around the lab, explore their options, and learn something new that propels their idea forward.”
The new offering lets customers define their own priorities and tinker with different configurations and setups of their strapping, packing, and containing methods over the course of the day.
“This is about developing and testing new ideas,” said Kuebler. “They can come back for a formal validation testing protocol later, once they’ve created a system that they’re confident will pass. For now, we just want to give our customers room to experiment and learn something.”
This is especially helpful for customers who are debuting a new product that may need a different packaging system or undergoing a sustainability initiative that requires the use of different materials. And because the laboratory is private and secured, customers can count on their new ideas being kept completely confidential.
To learn more about this new offering and schedule lab time, contact Tim Rice at 517-332-2400  or

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