ISO 14001:2015 Does More Than Help the Planet

 ISO 14001:2015 Does More Than Help the Planet

In today’s current climate (pun intended), there’s a greater awareness and societal push on organizations to be more socially responsible, particularly when it comes to their environmental impact on our world. Along with price, purchasing a high-quality product or service is usually near the top of most consumers’ checklists, but whether or not that offering is produced in an environmentally friendly way can also influence a customer’s purchase decision. So, as time has gone by more companies are looking into how they can not only produce better goods and services but also how they can do so with an eye on how their processes may affect the environment around them.

Enter ISO 14001:2015. The environmental management system of ISO 14001 was designed to supply companies with a dynamic management tool that could be implemented relatively seamlessly to improve their “clean” performance. According to, this environmental standard has been adopted in over 159 countries, and in those countries, more than 324,000 organizations have been certified to it (as of 2014). Of these organizations that have committed their processes to the guidelines of ISO 14001:2015, many have come to see a reduction to their negative side-effects on their environment due to their processes of production or the performance of their services.

However, that’s not the only benefit companies that adhere to the ISO 14001 standard are realizing… In fact, organizations that are building their processes and actions around ISO 14001 are also gaining improvements in business performance and profitability. Here are just a few examples:
  • Major enhancements to corporate image worldwide
  • Improving opportunities and access to markets in other countries for exporting goods and services
  • Noticeable growth in relationships with customers and in the public eye (corporate responsibility)
  • Meeting or exceeding regulations and keeping stakeholders happy
  • The ISO 14001:2015 standard is flexible and can be applied to any company, regardless of size or industry
Cost savings are also not unheard of among companies that implement ISO 14001:2015, particularly when it comes to the recycling of materials, waste disposal, and general consumption. Digging deeper, there have even been organizations that have reported savings from vastly improved energy efficiencies in their production process and reduced energy waste.

Ultimately, certification to ISO 14001 provides companies with a robust environmental management framework, allowing them to pinpoint the areas in which they have the greatest impact on their environment, while simultaneously getting their processes in order - to adhere to environmental regulations, yet still reaping the benefits of an improved corporate image and cost savings.

You can learn more about becoming ISO 14001:2015 certified by visiting our ISO 14001:2015 Certification Services page.
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