2020 SETAC Presentations

2020 SETAC Presentations

Smithers scientists presented several posters and platforms during the SETAC North America 41st Annual Meeting, held virtually November 15-19, 2020. For more information about the research, you can download a PDF of the posters below. 

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Toxicity test method development using a non-standard aquatic macrophyte species (Vallisneria americana)
Authors: C. Hedderig, A. Kirkwood, M. Bradley, with A. J. Jones, A. Samel, and T. Scown, FMC Corporation
Watch an overview from Chelsea Hedderig.

An Inherent Biodegradation Test Using a Modified OECD 301B Ready Biodegradation Test Design
Authors: S. McLaughlin, R. Brackett
Watch an overview from Sean McLaughlin.

Investigation of two different feeding methods in a chronic sediment study with Hyalella azteca
Co-Authors: B. Snow and M. Bradley, with T. Catron, BASF Corporation – Agricultural Solutions

Platform presentation: 

You can request more information by clicking the link below. 

Challenges with Aquatic Ecotoxicology Testing and Analytical Confirmation of Poorly Water Soluble UVCBs
Presenter: M. Staggs

Download a PDF of the poster:

Toxicity Test Method Development using a Non-standard Aquatic Macrophyte Species (Vallisneria americana)
Investigation of Two Different Feeding Methods in a Chronic Sediment Study with Hyalella azteca
An Inherent Biodegradation Test Using a Modified OECD 301B Ready Biodegradation Test Design

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