Webinar: SANTE Guidance Document Updates

Webinar: SANTE Guidance Document Updates

As of February 2021, SANTE/2020/12830 guidance document has been issued which replaces SANCO/3029/99 and SANCO/825/00.  Historically, these SANCO guidelines have been used to illustrate how to conduct robust and globally accepted method validations.  This new SANTE guideline harmonizes requirements for risk assessment and monitoring methods into one document. 

In this webinar, Smithers experts discuss the parallels and differences across the guidance documents and how they will be executed to generate a SANTE-compliant analytical method.

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Angela Cashmore, Study Director, Harrogate, UK
Angela Cashmore conducts method validation studies and non-radiolabeled environmental fate studies that examine adsorption-desorption and degradation of various chemicals in soil.

Andrea McGuinness, Study Director, Wareham, Massachusetts, US
Andrea McGuinness performs method validations in support of Ecotoxicology testing, as well as management of the GC and LC-MS/MS instrument labs.  She has expertise in development of the SANCO and SANTE method validation protocols for Ecotox Support Chemistry.


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