SETAC Europe Highlights – Endocrine Disrupting Properties Ecotoxicology Seminar

SETAC Europe Highlights – Endocrine Disrupting Properties Ecotoxicology Seminar

The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Europe held its 33rd Annual Meeting in Dublin, Ireland. Smithers experts presented various topics, along with other conference participants, around the theme of “Data-Driven Environmental Decision-Making.”
Joseph Marini, Senior Research Biologist, presented at the Capacity-Building Seminar on Regulatory Assessment of Endocrine Disrupting Properties of Pesticides for the Environment. This ecotoxicology seminar focused on non-mammalian vertebrates (non-target organisms), i.e., amphibians and fish. The main objectives of the seminar were: 
  1. align the understanding of study results interpretation
  2. improve confidence in the available data for the weight-of-evidence approach
  3. share knowledge and experience around case studies 
There was a balanced representation of stakeholders from regulatory agencies, industry, universities, consultants, and contract research laboratories. Presentations were built around lessons learned from the application of the ECHA-EFSA Endocrine Disruptor (ED) Guidance and relevant OECD test guidelines and covered topics such as: setting the maximum tolerated concentration in ED studies, evaluation of within-study effect patterns, the use of historical control data for variable parameters such as plasma vitellogenin concentrations and organ histopathology, overviews and experience with novel study designs such as the extended amphibian metamorphosis assay and eleutheroembryo assays for ED screening, and the relevance of adverse effects for predictive assessment of population-level effects.
In addition, examples of fish and amphibian datasets e.g., OECD framework level 2 and 3 assays, were used as case studies to learn about the next steps of ED assessment and/or provide recommendations for generating additional information when needed. This seminar increased knowledge of technical aspects of the assays and facilitated valuable discussion on the science-based approaches of environmental ED assessment among a wide breadth of ecotoxicology professionals.

To discuss topics from this seminar or to learn more about the research Smithers is conducting in endocrine activity research, contact us.

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