Mono-material Packaging Solutions Webinar 2024

Webinar recording now available

Webinar recording now available!

Conventional multi-layer composite films are difficult to recycle because of the need to separate the different film layers. The need for easier to recycle polymer formats is being pursued at multiple points in the packaging value chain to cut pollution associated with plastic and embrace circular economy models. Mono-material films, constructed from a single polymer type are fully recyclable, which makes sorting easier, leads to cleaner recycling streams and drives circular economy models.

Mono-material packaging is paving the way for flexible packaging, in particular to be considered as sustainable and circular packaging. New environmental regulations are going to require manufacturers to redesign packaging, so they are only one material (mono-material), which allows for increased ability to recycle as opposed to packaging made from multi-materials. This creates the need for rapid product development to completely redesign bottles and caps to be made of different materials than ever before.

This webinar focuses on the latest market trends, advancements, new material development, latest regulations, processing technologies, innovative packaging solutions and collaboration to drive the development of recycled mono-material packaging in both food and non-food packaging.

Hear from our leading industry experts sharing their knowledge, new ideas and discussing opportunities and challenges in the transition to mono-packaging materials.

Topics covered include:
  • Mono-material packaging market trends and developments
  • Design for recycling and raising the quality of recycled polyolefin
  • Barrier solutions for mono-material plastic packaging films
  • High-barrier mono-material PP film solutions and challenges
  • Latest innovations in mono PE materials
  • Recyclable mono-material pouch solutions
  • Mono-material plastic pacakging product developments
  • Mono-material flexible packaging for circularity - the future of packaging?
  • Latest technologies
  • Improve heat-sealing strength of mono-material packaging film
  • Chemical recycling
  • Mono-material product design with bio-based, circular and biodegradable polymers
The webinar also featured a panel discussion covering the future outlook, challenges and opportunities, and mono- vs. multi-material packaging materials.

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Mono-material Packaging Solutions Webinar 2024

Mono-material Packaging Solutions Webinar 2024

Length 1 day
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