Fate and Metabolism tests offered:
Adsorption / Desorption using a Batch Equilibrium Method  
OCSPP 835.1230
Activated sludge sorption isotherm
OCSPP 835.1110
Aerobic and Anaerobic Transformation in Aquatic Sediment Systems  OCSPP 835.4300 & 4400
Aerobic and Anaerobic Transformation in Soil  OCSPP 835.4100 & 4200
Aerobic Mineralisation in Surface Water  OCSPP 835.3190
Bioaccumulation in Fish See OECD Guideline
Bioaccumulation in Terrestrial Oligochaetes See OECD Guideline
Biodegradability in Sea Water
OCSPP 860.3160
Terrestrial Field Dissipation OCSPP 835.6100
Hydrolysis as a Function of pH  OCSPP 835.2120
Hydrolysis Tier II 1pH  OCSPP 835.2120
Hydrolysis Tier II 2pH  OCSPP 835.2120
Hydrolysis Tier II 3pH  OCSPP 835.2120
Hydrolysis Tier III  OCSPP 835.2120
Irradiated Water Sediment Draft Guideline
In vitro Metabolism in Animal Species (Human Comparison Studies)  
In vitro Metabolism in Plants (Cell Cultures)  
Leaching in Soil Columns  OCSPP 835.1240
Metabolism in Crops  See OECD Guideline
Metabolism in Fish  SANCO/11187/2013
Metabolism in Livestock (Goat & Hen) See OECD Guideline
Metabolism in Rotational Crops OCSPP 860.1850
Nature of Pesticide Residues in Processed Commodities  See OECD Guideline
Radiovalidation of Analytical Methods using Aged Samples Originating from 14C-metabolism, Field or Feeding Studies (Plant, Animal) OCSPP 860.1300
Phototransformation of Chemicals in Water - Direct and Indirect Photolysis  OCSPP 835.2210 & 2240
Plant Uptake Factor  See OECD Draft Guideline
Ready Biodegradability  OCSPP 860.3110
Simulation Tests to Assess the Biodegradability of Chemicals Discharged in Wastewater  OCSPP 860.3280
Soil Photolysis - Moist or Dry Layer OCSPP 860.2410


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