Image Guidelines

  • Images should be photographs, either stock or Smithers photos. Vector images should not be used unless it is an icon.
  • Images should follow the Smithers Media Policy Guidelines. The usage of images that do not comply will be removed.
  • Clear, non-pixelated images should be used. Make sure the images do not look skewed or grainy when appearing in a social channel posting or main page. 
  • When possible, incorporate the Smithers logo in the image.

Post Guidelines

  • Post's content should follow the Smithers Media Policy Guidelines. Any post that does not comply will be removed.
  • Posts should be concise and written in the tone of sage archetype.
  • Avoid using humour in posts.
  • Emojis should not be used in posts.
  • Numbers should be written as numbers, not words.
  • Abbreviations are acceptable if restricted by character limits for industry known acronyms. Don’t abbreviate a Smithers division name unless the full name is stated earlier in post, i.e. Smithers Pharmaceutical Development Services (PDS). Avoid referencing division and use only Smithers as much as possible.

Image Sizes

*Image sizes need to be consistent across the channels saved in a .jpeg, .png, or .gif format.*

Recommended Sizes:


  • Post - 1024 x 512
  • Header – 1500 x 500


  • Post – 1200 x 627
  • Header -1128 x 191


  • Profile – 800 x 800
  • Channel Cover Photo – 2560 x 1440


  • Link – 1200 x 627
  • Image – 1200 x 1200
  • Cover – 1702 x 630


  • Post – 1080 x 1080
Hashtag Usage

Each word in the hashtag should be upper case. i.e. #WeAreSmithers, #TestingTire, #DrugTesting

Cross Channel Strategy

  • Social media post copy should be tailored to each channel.
  • It’s fine to share the same offering or message across multiple channels, but adapting the post to the audience of that channel will maximize engagement.
LinkedIn Profile Setup LinkedIn Example

Twitter Example

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