Every component of the heavy equipment fluid transfer system can be subjected to a range of extreme conditions depending on the service environment. Agriculture, construction, and mining equipment is often exposed to high heat, freezing temperatures, and inclement weather, as well as the debris and degradants of a work site. Heavy equipment hoses are also exposed to a wide range of fluids depending on the application, from machining/hydraulic fluid and coolants to fertilizers and others.
In addition to an aggressive service environment, heavy equipment fluid transfer systems must also perform under extreme stressors in operation. Heavy equipment hoses, fittings, and connectors are regularly exposed to pressures up to 3000 psi, or even 10,000 psi in extreme conditions, as well as impulse pressure from changes in operation. These components also endure dramatic temperature swings, intense vibration, and mechanical shock from service impacts maneuvering through uneven terrain.
With product development cycles getting shorter and lightweighting becoming increasingly common, an effective testing program is more important than ever to ensure performance and durability of heavy vehicle hoses and fluid transfer components. 

Testing Services

With testing facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia, Smithers offers a full suite of testing capabilities on a global scale to support heavy equipment component manufacturers throughout the product development cycle. Our team of engineers can help ensure that all components of your fluid transfer assembly are equally equipped to endure the extreme conditions they may face in the field as they operate in concert. 

Product Testing

Key capabilities include:

Materials Testing

Our experts offer physical and chemical testing of materials of construction for hoses, fittings, connectors, and other components of a heavy equipment fluid transfer system.
Key capabilities include:

Common Standards

Our experts can work with you to design a custom hose testing program to meet your testing needs. We can also test to a wide range of inudstry standards, including:
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