Transporting Automotive Components

Automotive components range in size and shape from tiny nuts and bolts to full car doors. Transporting all these specialty parts to an assembly plant requires customized packaging and distribution solutions that need to withstand the rigors of truck and rail transit. The displacement or damage of a single piece upon arrival can disrupt the fine-tuned automation of the assembly floor, resulting in costly downtime or higher scrap rates. Reliable packaging is crucial for automotive manufacturers to maintain their production goals without disruption.

Smithers' is fully equipped to deliver real-world simulation and analysis of product integrity and durability specific to the automotive sector. Our services can help solve challenges all along the supply chain, including:

Pre-Shipment Package Testing

Product Durability and Environmental Testing

Packaging Systems

Our test equipment accommodates a wide range of packaging systems unique to the automotive supply chain, such as:

  • Metal racking systems for stamped parts
  • Thermoformed plastic tray packs and plastic pallets
  • Expendable corrugated containers
  • Returnable knockdown bins

In addition to laboratory testing to common ISTA and ASTM test standards, our experts understand the highly regimented nature of automotive production and assembly. We can investigate elusive challenges and pinpoint the exact root cause along the supply chain, from something as simple as regular curb impact in transit to hiccups in the stacking process, and help you determine solutions quickly to reduce scrap rates and frustration.

Investing in distribution testing up front reduces downtime by ensuring that your packaging and product can withstand every step of the supply chain and keep the process running smoothly, saving both time and money.

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