From e-commerce shipments to retail supply chains and sea shipments, the level of mechanical and manual handling can vary significantly for individual cases, mixed pallets, roll cages and large-scale containers.

A large package in an impact test being moved at high speed into a wall.

Smithers testing experts understand that the result of manual and mechanical handling is that packaged products experience repeated and varied impacts, including:

  • ‘Drop’ type events from significant heights - typically as a result of mechanical handling
  • Lower level placement ‘drop’ type events - typically as a result of manual handling
  • Horizontal acceleration / deceleration events – typically as a result of fork lift truck palletizing, automated warehousing and vehicle braking and cornering.

With this understanding, we recognize that often a custom test approach is needed to understand the specific real life conditions that cause impact failure. Our experts are knowledgeable and skilled at developing non-standard drop and impact test scenarios to deliver greater understanding of packaged product performance.

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