Many consumer and household products rely on a network of hoses for maximum performance. Depending on the application, consumer hoses are exposed to a variety of unusual service environments, from warm laundry rooms and kitchens to garages and backyards. Hoses specific to indoor appliances may be subjected to temperature swings, varying pressures, and vibration in operation. Some consumer hose types include:
  • Garden hoses
  • Power washer hoses
  • Hoses used in appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and vacuum cleaners
  • Plastic tubing in residential homes
  • Drain hoses

Testing Services

The expert team at Smithers has years of experience designing custom testing programs for a wide range of service environments as well as testing to industry specifications. Our laboratories are equipped for a wide range of testing capabilities to evaluate and predict real-world performance.

Product Testing

Key capabilities include:

Materials Testing Services

Key capbabilities include:

Common Standards

ASTM D380 — Standard Test Methods for Rubber Hose
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