Test pieces are applied to a 'standard' substrate such as float glass, stainless steel or other surface of interest using a rubber covered roller, then the average force required to peel the label or tape from the surface determined after a specified time at standard laboratory conditions.

The bonded test pieces can also be exposed to potentially detrimental storage conditions such as extremes of heat, cold, artificial sunlight or immersion in product chemicals before testing for peel adhesion. Alternatively, the peel test can be made at high or low temperatures to simulate harsh product environments.

Different methods specify either a 90° or 180° peel geometry. Results are quoted in N/sample width.

Standards and accreditation

Smithers perform testing based on FINAT test method 1, FINAT test method 2 or ASTM D6252 for pressure sensitive lavels and ASTM D3330 or PSTC 101 for pressure sensitive tapes.

Smithers is ISO 17025 accredited for testing in accordance with British Standards BS 5609 which covers the more specialist testing of printed pressure-senstive, adhesive-coasted labels for marine use. 

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