Offices & Meeting Space

The Treadwell Research Park main building is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and office space for on-site clients. The building also hasProving ground meeting room a spacious, modern conference room with space for 25 to 30 people. The space is ideal for team meetings, client meetings, training, and other gatherings. Our on-site staff can coordinate catering from a variety of nearby establishments and eateries, ranging from classic American fare and barbecue to Mexican cuisine.

Garage and Tire Rotation Area

Our garage area is available for testing setup and instrumentation, vehicle and tire maintenance, and other prep. Each garage bay has a lift compatible with virtually any passenger vehicle or light truck. We offer flexible rental agreements, including half-day rentals, to match your schedule.
The garage is less than a tenth of a mile from several test areas, which allows for more efficiency throughout the day. Additionally, drivers conducting subjective testing spend less time driving to and from the garage between test runs, which makes it much easier to remember the important details and nuance that must be recorded.

On-site Mechanic  / Technicians

In the event of an unexpected malfunction or issue, there’s no need to leave the track to get help. We have an experienced mechanic on site during working hours to support clients who need repairs and unexpected maintenance work. In addition, our technicians are available to support tire changes and assistance with testing program setup.

Tire Warehouse

Our on-site, secure tire warehouse is ready to receive advanced tire shipments from our clients. All shipments are inventoried and stored until the client arrives, at which point we’ll coordinate delivery directly to the client’s prep area. We can also prepare tires and wheels ahead of time to further streamline the process and allow our clients to maximize their time on site.

Reverse Osmosis Water Plant

All water used for test surfaces comes from our on-site reverse osmosis water plant. Reverse osmosis water closely matches the properties and consistency of rainwater, making it a superior choice for wet surface testing when compared to tap or well water. Additionally, on-site reverse osmosis water allows for more consistent testing conditions, which results in improved data repeatability.
To learn more about our on-site facilities and amenities and talk about scheduling a test project, get in touch with Allison Ofenstein.

For more information on the Smithers Winter Proving Grounds, please click here.
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