Infographic: Single-Use Plastic Packaging & Sustainability

Infographic: Single-Use Plastic Packaging & Sustainability

There is growing interest in disposable plastic packaging and related sustainability concerns from consumers, plastic and plastic packaging companies and associations, environmental groups, governments and regulators across the world. There are also many regulatory and legislative changes that will affect the single-use market over the next five years, especially in the EU, North America, China and India.

Download our free infographic on single-use plastic packaging and sustainability now to discover:
  • Global market forecasts
  • End use applications
  • Key issues and challenges; trend and impact to 2025
  • Key drivers and trends
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the industry
Download Single-Use Plastic Packaging & Sustainability infographic
Download Single-Use Plastic Packaging and Sustainability infographic
Download The Future of Single-Use Plastic Packaging to 2025 brochure

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