2022 SETAC North America Poster Presentations

2022 SETAC North America Poster Presentations

Smithers exhibited and presented at the SETAC North America 43rd Annual Meeting, November 13-17, in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Smithers Poster Presentations:

Click the poster titles below to view abstracts or download the posters. 

Extraction of Nitrite and Nitrate from Swine Tissues following Oral Administration of Sodium Nitrite
Presented by Gerald Sanders
Investigation into the Fate of 6PPD and 6PPD-Quinone in Aquatic Conditions
Presented by Rory Mumford
Critical Review and Recommendations to Improve the Quality and Reproducibility of the U.S. EPA Chronic Mysid Shrimp Testing Guideline
Co-authors: Joe Marini and Lee Sayers
Comparison of Xenopus laevis NF developmental stage-matched control data in Amphibian
Metamorphosis Assay continuous quantitative endpoints (HLL, SVL, wet weight)

Co-authors: Joe Marini and Lee Sayers
Assessing the Applicability of the OECD 301B Ready Biodegradability Test Method for Volatile Compounds
Presented by Sean McLaughlin

Influence of Storage Method and Duration on Plasma Vitellogenin Concentrations for Fathead Minnows
Presented by Julie Krzykwa

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Smithers will exhibit and present at the SETAC Europe 33rd Annual Meeting in Dublin, April 30 - May 4, 2023. 
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