The Future of Adhesives for Packaging to 2023

In its new study – The Future of Adhesives for Packaging to 2023 – Smithers provides a detailed analysis of adhesives technologies used in packaging applications across all major end-use across the five years to 2023.

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Our exclusive content:

  • In-depth quantitative market data for adhesives used in all forms of packaging
  • Detailed analysis of the future impact of regulations, sustainability, and evolving brand owner demands on the selection and use of adhesives in packaging
  • Over 150 data tables and illustrative figures segmenting the market across all key metrics.

What will you discover?

  • A comprehensive 10-year data set segmenting the market for over 20 adhesive types used in packaging by value/volume across all key industry metrics
  • New comprehensive data on the use of adhesives in flexible formats
  • A technical overview of important materials and adhesive systems, with representative material suppliers and value chains
  • Critical analysis of the evolving business trends, innovations and strategic opportunities.

What methodology is used?

This report is based on an extensive new data modelling and market research process. Its foundation stands in extensive primary research discussions with industry participants ranging across the packaging and adhesives value chains.
Qualitative analysis is provided to inform and contextualize the data. This is gathered through extensive research across a wide range of resources, including: trade press and journal abstracts, conference papers and presentations, patent filings, and company press releases and quarterly reports.

Who should buy this report?

  • Adhesives formulators
  • Adhesive raw material suppliers
  • Packaging converters
  • Manufacturers of adhesive application and packaging converting equipment
  • Packaging material suppliers
  • Industry consultants, investors, regulators and analysts.

Name The Future of Adhesives for Packaging to 2023

Date 12/7/2018

Price $6500.00

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