Standard name: Needle-based injection systems for medical use — Requirements and test methods — Part 3: Finished containers

Applicable medical devices:

This standard applies to systems intended for use with needles and either replaceable or non-replaceable containers. The containers covered by the standard can be single or multi-dose syringe-based and cartridge-based systems – filled either by the manufacturer or by the user.

Testing capabilities to ISO 11608-3 include:

  • Dose accuracy as defined by design specifications of the NIS
  • Preparation and operation of needle-based injection systems
  • Cool, standard and warm atmosphere testing
  • Last dose accuracy
  • Life-cycle testing
  • Free-fall testing
  • Dry-heat and cold-storage testing
  • Damp-heat testing
  • Cyclical testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Visual Inspection of NIS and container
  • Flow rate through the needle
  • Bond between hub and needle tube
  • Ease of assembly with containers and needles
  • Automated function – needle hiding and shielding, insertion distance, retraction and minimum overriding forces.

Other ISO 11608 Sections include:

  • ISO 11608-2: 2022 Needles
  • ISO 11608-3: 2022 Finished containers
  • ISO 11608-4: 2022 Electronic and electromechanical pen-injectors
  • ISO 11608-5: 2022 Automated functions
Part 2, 3 and 5 of ISO 11608 series specifies common test methods to support performance requirements for sterile double-ended needles and containers intended for use in conjunction with needle-based injection systems and the automated function of NISs.

Custom Testing

In many instances, testing requirements are beyond the test method parameters set out in a standard. Alongside our standard testing services, our expert team is able to develop a custom testing program to meet your specific testing requirements and resolve and design or functionality issues you might have.

Please note: The information outlined above is to be used as a reference. Please refer to the appropriate competent standards agency in your country for full details and implementation of EN ISO 11608-3.

Download our ISO 11608 document for more information:

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