Shipping goods via barge or ship can be a very stressful experience with a lot of uncertainty during the process. Our experts offer a variety of services that alleviate some of those worries by verifying that the vessel transporting your commodity is capable of completing the journey without putting your product at risk. Reach out to our experts today to utilize our wide array of marine serivces.

Services we provide:
  • Gauging of barges - Dedicated to inland/river vessels, we measure the amount of product that can be loaded into/discharged from the chartered inland vessel.
  • Draft survey - Our experts determine the weight of the product that was loaded/discharged onto the vessel by determining the weight of the vessel before and after loading. We use internationally recognized techniques, ensuring that the weight determined is an accurate depiction of the amount of product loaded/discharged.
  • On/off hire survey - We determine the overall quality of a vessel before and after being chartered. Surveying a vessel before chartering ensures it is capable of completing the scheduled journey as well as flag any preexisting damages beforehand. Surveys are also conducted at the end of a vessel's journey to determine any damages that were sustained while en route, allowing the overall quality of cargo operations to be seen.
  • Bunker survey - Bunker fuel is generally the largest contributor to operational cost of a vessel. This means that it is vital a ship is loaded with the exact amount of fuel needed to complete its journey. Our certified surveyors determine the amount of fuel that can/should be loaded into the bunker as well as verify the amount of fuel that was actually loaded after it has taken place. 
  • Weighing supervision by weighbriges - Weighbridges are the most accurate way to determine the weight of a vessel's cargo, so our experts supervise the weighbridge process to ensure that it is weighed correctly. This allows for an accurate determination of how much product is on a vessel.
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