Historically, volume measurements were taken by using measuring tapes. Heights and curves were visually estimated in order to determine the volume of a stockpile. Ssp, a Smithers company, offers volume measurements by utilizing survey equipment combined with GPS technology and drones. The result of this sophisticated technology is a 3D mapping of your stockpile for an accurate reading.

By working with highly technical and advanced equipment, we are able to calculate fast and accurate volumes using higher density of points than traditional measuring methods. This enables us to create volume reports directly in the field. To convert the volume measured into metric tons, adequate sampling of your stockpile is required in order to determine the bulk density. The sampling and determination of the bulk density is performed in full accordance with ISO Standards.

Volume measurements can also be conducted in closed rooms, such as, a warehouse. These measurements are carried out with specially developed laser scanners and drones. 

Reach out to one of our experts today to learn more about our volume measurement capabilities.

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