This standard is used to evaluate how vulcanized rubber products, or other products coated with vulcanized rubber, respond to the exposure of liquids (i.e. oils, greases, fuels, etc.) for a continuous or intermittent period of time during use.

Test Details

This test method simulates how vulcanized rubber products, or products made from vulcanized rubber or other fabrics coated with vulcanized rubber, perform when exposed to various liquids (fluid compatibility) while in service use. This test is designed to evaluate the following types of specimens 1) vulcanized rubber cut from standard sheets 2) fabrics coated with vulcanized rubber or 3) finished rubber products, but is not applicable to cellular rubbers, porous composition rubbers or compressed sheet packing.

Types of products / materials generally tested by our laboratory:

Please note: The information outlined above is to be used as reference for ASTM D471 Standard Test Method for Rubber Property - Effect of Liquids. Please refer to ASTM International for full details and the most current revision.

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